Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NV Bocelli Prosecco

Today is Pi Day! 3/14. I came into work to find a few samples to take home and try. I typically don't review my work samples, but since I'm getting all of these to drink, then why not! Out all the bigger 750 ml sized bottles of wine and the 22 ounce bottles of beer, this little 187 ml little sample stood out. It was so cute, so small, tiny. I recognized the label from having tasted this a few years ago, but I really can't remember what it was like. We'll see.

The famed Italian singer, Andrea Bocelli is a wine fanatic. His love for super tuscans and bright Italian whites literally drove him to creating something he could sign-off on. His reds are absolute beasts, well made and pair well with anything Italian. But, his prosecco really isn't much of anything at all. Disappointing comes to mind.

It's not often I find a bottle of bubbly that I can not even finish. In this case I had my wife to kill it off. What she said when she tasted it after me was no surprise. "Smells like almonds...(sip)..huh, it's a bit one-sided!?!" One-sided indeed. Dry and nutty with almost ZERO fruit. Dry finish with not remnant of anything resembling a prosecco. I love prosecco. I've tasted hundreds of different proseccos. This is not one of my favorites, in fact I'd rather drink Cupcake prosecco than this one-sided lackluster of a bubbly. Happy Pi Day! 85pts. 3/14/2017 AP

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