Friday, February 10, 2017

Tieton Cider Works Wild Wash. Apple Cider & NRV A Guardrail Cache

I guess we can start with the geocache this time, because I'll be honest with you, the cider was interesting at best.

GC2P5MY: NRV A Guardrail Cache. So apparently this is an easy guardrail cache to find. The hint says magnetic and it was found about 20 times in late September during the quarterly cache machine. Of course, the only person who didn't find it was TravisL, the organizer to the cache machine. LOL. I find this ironic. I still have not found this cache, but I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty by sticking them in the nooks and crannies of this barrier. We'll see how difficult it's 4 star rating really is. The Cache location is surrounded by apple orchards and in the Yakima area. This is the connection to the cider I will review next.

Segway Tieton Cider Works Wild Washington Apple Cider...

After tasting a really nice apple cider from the UK, my wife and I decided to try something a little bit
closer to home. A Washington apple cider, because what is Washington known for other than Starbucks and Microsoft? Apples. Tieton Cider Works has been around for several years and it just recently went through a well deserved packaging redesign that shot it straight into the 21st century. I'll be honest, the old label was retro 1988 or so.

I was super excited to get to taste this cider and after having such a great experience with the last cider we tasted, I was anticipating a similar experience with this one. After all, it is from our backyard. We cracked open the bottle and I poured 6 ounces into my glass and 6 ounces into my wife's glass. Her immediate thought was, "hmmmm, a lot lighter in color than the other one." I noticed this too and proceeded to smell it. "Not much", I thought. Then we both dug in. "Not much on the palate, either" we both remarked. Maybe it was just a bit shocked from being opened? It wasn't cold because if you taste white wines and ciders at room temperatures, you have the ability to taste flaws. This cider was just bland. We really didn't expect it to be so one sided. From the nose to the front of the palate, mid palate to the end there
was nothing there. Except for a sharp dry finish that still seemed a bit weak. Tasted like a lightly flavored sparkling apple water. Disappointed is what we were. Loved the package and the new label, stoked to finally taste it, hoping it would destroy the previous imported cider and in the end, it did nothing. Not one thing. I will not recommend this in the future and I may not even carry it in my store. I hope next year they find a new recipe. 84pts. AP 2/10/2017

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