Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thistly Cider: Traditional & Cam Fife's Hole-In-One

I've been meaning to write more about beer, wine, spirits and ciders for the past year, but since my two hobbies; wine and geocaching take up most of my time, it's been hard to take 15 minutes and just type away. Tonight I had an idea. Why don't I parallel a product I'd like to review with a specific geocache I have found or have not found. Why not?!? If this works then great, if not then oh well! For those of you who do not know what geocaching is, it's simple. People hide lock-n-locks or ammo cans in the wilderness, set GPS coordinates into the website, a volunteer publishes the cache and it's a race to find it by thousands of people. It's fun and free.

Onto the cider: Thistly Cider Traditional from Scotland. They don't only make whiskey there, they also make cider and this one is good. My first inkling into this was that it was going to be dry, but that's not the case. It's lush with what I'd describe as ripe red skinned apples...Gala apples comes to mind. A juicy apple in a simple pint glass. From front to mid palate the cider kicks with ripeness, the back palate as I swallow it is still intense but with a mild apple pie burning of the edges style. Its not one sided, but then again it's not complex. This is a VERY GOOD example of what a good red apple cider should taste like. I like it. 93pt. AP-2/19/17 (6.2% ABV)

Segway to the geocache. An apple related cache at that...

Cam Fife's Hole-In-One: GC4X2Q hidden by Medicrncen in Wenatchee Washington just down the street from Stemiltt's Gala Apple Yard. Such a great cache. This is actually built and designed by Mr. Gadget #2 for Medicrncen and it's not the only one in the area like this. There's an even bigger one up the road. So, if you're in the mood for a Gadget quasi field puzzle with all the necessary TOTT (Tools of the Trade) on the GZ (Ground Zero), this is a must for anyone visiting Wenatchee. Hint: Hand-eye coordination is needed with the ball and the popsicle sticks and the shaft. Good luck.

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