Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Northwest Brewing Company: Mango Weizen

Northwest Brewing Company used to be known to the rest of this local as the Laughing Buddha Brewing company. Now it's got a plain and simple name to it. I'm not really sure if that will work with all it's interesting beer recipe concepts. They're got 2 IPAs, 1 Mango IPA, 1 red pepper IPA and a Ginger IPA, which was what the Laughing Buddha was known for.

Not sure if this is normal, but I'm spotting a large amount of medium sized sediment in the bottom of my glass. I'll try it now (1/24/2017) and try to review it, but if this is really a problem I'll update this review next month. So, I'm not getting too much mango off this beer. It's really not repulsive. If you're expecting a quasi Ballast Point Grapefruit style mango beer with this, you're not going to get it. It's incredibly smooth and has a nice slight bitterness that a light wheat beer would give you, except that I don't feel or really taste the mango. I'm expecting mango. Here....mango, mango, mango. No mango. Maybe I got a bad bottle!?! Interesting beer to say the least. AP Rating: 83pts. 1/24/2017

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