Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Base Camp Brewing: In-Tents IPL

Coming from the east coast, I pretty much grew up on lagers. Back in the day, I'd usually be drinking Yuengling Lager, Sam Adams Boston Lager or Old Dominion Lager. Up until 8 years ago, the lagers dominated the Pale Ales. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Victory's Hop Devil IPA were really the only impressionable IPAs on the market.

It wasn't until I moved to Seattle that I realized IPAs where my type of beers. There were so many to choose from and believe me, I tried a lot of them. Then I realized that there weren't really any local "Lager" breweries. I only knew of one. Until last year.

Last year, I discovered Base Camp from Portland, Oregon. The Base Camp In-Tents IPL's bottle stood out like a sore thumb next to the traditional 22 ounce glass bottles. The Base Camp In-Tents IPL is a 22 ounce aluminum bottle. Tall and busy!! When I first tasted this, I was worried that it would give off this metal taste that most Bud, Miller, Heineken and Coors products give off. That didn't happen. This beer smacked me in the face and reminded me that Lager was cool again. Very well balanced malt and hops and so light that you can drink 3 to the one high alcohol content IPAs that are produced in this area of the world. This beer ended up being so popular, that the distributors couldn't keep it in stock and I can't blame them! Who wouldn't want to go camping or hiking with a killer 22 ounce aluminum bottle of IPL, especially this one!! AP Rating 90pt. 11/17/2015

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