Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava

My wife and I frequently celebrate TGIF by popping a bottle of sparkling wine. We tell each other, "Every day should start with a bit of bubbly!!"

We've tasted, drank, consumed, sampled tons of sparkling wines domestic and international ranging from $6 to $250. Drinking a bottle of bubbly every Friday can be taxing on the wallet. find something cheap or you find that little treasure of a bottle of bubbly. We've done just that!!

For 6 bones, you can have a bottle of Cooks. Overly sweet with minimal excitement. For 5 bones, you can try your luck with Andre, but just like a bottle of 3 Buck Chuck, you're getting the very bottom of the barrel. For 14 bucks there's LaMarca and Cupcake Prosecco. That's almost $15 and gets pricey every week. So...We've got a solution, a treasure...BONUS, it's cheap.

Jaume Serra Cristalino Cava Brut. This is a perfect example of what a solid, high quality, under-priced sparkling wine should be. Remember when Moet and Chandon White Star was $22 in the early 90's?!? This is your sparkling wine treasure for a while. Until someone decides to crank up the price to $13-$15. But I seriously doubt that'll happen.

Cristalino Brut is dry, yet not appalling dryness. It's got some wonderful acidic fruit value like crisp under-ripe apples, a very slight floral background and a long musky finish that just keeps going and going. Great for pairing with raw broccoli, oysters, brie cheese and much more.

This bubbly is a MUST TRY. It's so worth it. It's really easy to drink an entire bottle in one sitting. You may need to buy 2. It's only $8!!!  AP Rating 89 Points - 6/17/2015

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