Friday, June 4, 2010


My thursday ended up being incredibly busy. Not only did I get my wonderful haircut today by one of our most prized winos (80a), but Nick and I also finished our application for WA state Alt. Proprietorship permit for production of wine, finished up all the banking issues, went to a late night Wine Bloggers Event in Bellevue and just before that I was able to go to The Local Vine Belltown with our webmaster Jules Fann and MeetUp with the rest of the Underground Winos of Seattle in our FLASH WINO "Repressentin' " Event.
We even got an option to taste some great picks by Darin & Ashley from Small Lot Co/Op (Twitter: @SmallLot). Unexpected $5 tasting, but I was happy to add my contribution to the cause. My picks of the night were of two. The MORRISON LANE | WALLA WALLA 2005 Carmenère - $28 - Such a bright, fruit forward wine with tones of lush red to dark cherry. Almost ready to fall off the tree kind of cherry. So night to drink something different for a change and when you thought the Carmenère was already such a huge wine, came this little ditty. The KANA WINERY | YAKIMA 2005 Dark Star - $20 - Oh my!!! This wine was "HUGE". As Jules and I were just about to take this from the nose to the mouth, we both smelled this wonderful smell coming from outside The Local Vine, of a large chunk of meat being barbequed on some roof-top close by. The smell of the steak and the smell of this wine was perfect together, and then we gave this wine a shot. WOW. Big. It was like taking a piece of meat from the grill, adding a cherry reduction sauce on top and then dowsing it with black pepper. Plus, we had the smell as well. This wine is big. This wine ended up being my pick, but because I love crazy obscure varietals, I felt as if I needed to put the Carmenère in the mix as well. Thank you to Darin Williams and Ashley Sinko from Small-Lot Co/op.

The Local Vine - Seattle - Twitter: @TheLocalVine


  1. Thanks for posting the review and summary Antoine.


  2. Thanks for the post, Antoine, and for stopping by to see us last night! We may be Small, but we've got some big wines coming out of our small Washington wineries..glad you got to try some!

  3. I arrived about 6:30 or so and met new wino Sandra, along with my friends Lynda and Marilyn.I agree on your note on the Kana 'Dark Star'. My style completely. We couldn't stay long as we had tickets for the art benefit at the Hard Rock that night tasting many more wines and heard some great acoustic and good old rock n roll by various winemakers and friends. Wine and music do go together...we should try that pairing sometime.~Diana Seattle Wino #73