Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can I have some Bloggers, Tweeters, Critics, Facebookers and VBloggers with those Fries please??

Three months ago, I Antoine Pin, was just simply an amateur Facebooker trying to make new friends. Having pressed through a difficult and lonely winter after my September divorce, I decided to join MeetUp and see if I could meet some people in my new neighborhood of Belltown in downtown #Seattle. When that got pricy, I decided to create my own MeetUp Group. I've always wanted to have my own group of friends to join me and drink #wine. It first started in Moorestown, NJ about 12 years ago. #Moorestown unfortunately was a dry quaker town, therefore there were NO liquor stores. So I thought of creating an underground group that would have the buying power of several big hitters and collectors. Hence The Underground Winos was born.

I've always been the type to wake up in the morning and immediately turn the computer on and go right to Gary Vaynurchuk's (@garyvee) web video show "The Thunder Show". I'd sit there watching (@winelibrarytv) and I'd love seeing his enthusiasm. This dude was a nut. But one really cool nut, and he knew wine.
In March I decided to create an underground winos YouTube Channel, then came the Tumblr feed, then the Skype Channel, MySpace, Blogspot, Linkdin, Flickr...Hmmm ok, I'll stop now. But I really won't, I'm so sorry. Last week I went to Washington Wine Country @Wawineco 's Web / Twitter Wine Tasting. I was immediately blown away. Nick Nanry, Julian Fann @nw_winos and I went. We join Sarah Ness @vineyardgoddess and were immediately dumped into the Wide World of Rogue Web Media Marketing. Holy smokes is this stuff addictive. My Twitter followers went from 60 or so to 180 in like 6 hours. I'm even getting tweets from people I don't even know, but they know who I am very well and they all want to know who the Underground Winos are. This is crazy. Now I'm not only a member of all the social networking sites above, but you can add. Twitter, UbTwitter, Qhub, Gist, I have 2 RSS Livestreams (ONE & TWO), Twitpic, Foursquare and Cork'd, unless I've miss one (1) or two (2). This is INSANE. But also incredibly addictive. I really don't know how to keep up. I make a tweeter mistake at least twice a day, like today. I thought it was @jenkmiller 's birthday. Turns out I was wrong. I have been meeting and tweeting with some VERY cool and INCREDIBLY knowledgeable people in and around the Puget Sound, California, New Zealand, Australia and yes, even Gary Vay-Nur-Chuk himself @garyvee. I'm going to do a small little introduction to all my new fellow bloggers, tweeters, video bloggers and reporters and in the near future I'd like to interview them all and share them to the world. These People are really knowledgeable and interesting. Take the time to read a blog or two or just follow them on their blogs. Here we go. We'll start with me, Sarah & Julian. Click on their name for their Official Website, Click on their Twitter Username (@Twitter) for their Twitter Page.

Antoine Pin - Parallel Winos Live @winos_seattle Wine Industry Leader / Underground Winos

Sarah Ness - Vineyard Gurl Blog @vineyardgoddess Wine maker / Co Host Parallel Winos Live

Julian Fann - Northwest Winos Blog @nw_winos Web designer & developer w/ a wine issue

Jen K. Miller - Adventures of Jen Blog @jenkmiller Covering Wine, Food, Seattle & Go Cougs!!

Taryn Miller - Sip & the City @tarynmiller Seattle's Best Restaurants w/ Great Wine Pairings

Yashar Shayan - Wine Monger Seattle @yasharwinemongr WA Wine News, Newbies & Reviews

Alex Eagleton - Stems & Legs Blog @celo4life Seattle Wine Tasting Reviews focus on WA Wine

Barbara Evans - Seattle Wine Gal Blog @seattlewinegal Social Wine & Food Anthropologist

Shona Milne - Woodinville Wine Update @shona425 Woodinville & WA Wine/Foodie Reviews

Josh Wade - Drink Nectar @nectarwine Spokane Wine / Coffee Video & Print Reviews

Victoria Fann - Coaching Victoria Fann @victoriafann Business & Life Strategist / Wine Focus

Tom Lee - @nwtomlee Wine Lover & Avid Wine Tweeter including TweetPics - And Dad!!

Maureen Nolan - NW Wine & Real Estate @nwwineandre Puget Sound Life & Wine Reviews

Grace Hoffman - Cellar Mistress' Cellar Talk @cellarmistress All Wine, All the Time - Read This

Tamara Belgard - Sip With Me! @sipwithme Writing her trips through Wine Country, Oregon....

Kelly Barry - Seattle Wine Examiner's @Seattlewinex Cert. Somm. Wine Writer

Bean Fairbanks - Wine & Beer of Wa. State @winebeerwa Wa. Wine/Microbrew reviews & facts

Rick Geyer - The Gastronaut @rickgeyerwine NJ Wine Prof. / Wine Buyer / French Wine Critic

Stephanie Rodriguez - Mighty Media Group @digitalgoddess Aussie Wine & Lifestyles Critics

Jayson Bryant - The Wine Vault TV @thewinevault New Zealand Wine / Host Wine Vault TV

and this guy, he's just Jets Fan.... Eagles this year baby. (Go @philadelphiaflyers)

Gary Vaynurchuk - VaynerMedia @garyvee Strategic Media Consulting / Host Thunder Show

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