Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Powerful is the Internet From my Eyes??? A Wine Geeks Eyes.


Several years ago I was just simply having fun with my friendster.com and just beginning to discover MySpace.com. Three years ago, I was still typing emails from my hotmail.com account and just discovering facebook.com. I guess you could call me a late bloomer. And as of March, I discovered the Internet. OH....MY....GOD!!!

My name is Antoine Pin. I've recently divorced and went through a phase in my life where I've simply been concentrating on work, listening, learning about myself and discovering the Internet (besides playing hockey and Tetris). As for a little introduction of myself without going too deep. I've been in the wine industry for just a little over 16 years and I've covered, I'd say every aspect of the industry "Post-Cork", except for restaurant management. I've been a broker, an importer, a distribution rep. and director of a distributor, a winery rep (local & National) and a label designer. Now, as of last Friday, I've gone "Pre-Cork". So from Jersey, to Maryland & DC, out to Seattle. I can surely say that I love this industry and will continue to be the best that I can in this realm, except now, I'm a producer. A cool, laid-back producer.

Back to the Internet deal. I can't believe how much information can be shared, enjoyed, disputed, simply published on the Internet. I can now say that I believe I use the Internet very, very wisely. I've got Twitter: @winos_seattle, a Facebook Fan Page: Underground Winos of Seattle, several MeetUp Groups: The Underground Winos of Seattle, a YouTube Channel: UndergroundwinosofSeattle, Dipity: winos_seattle, foursquare.....blah, blah, blah, blah. I feel like I've given birth to a desktop computer in the side of my head. I actually probably have. Thanks to my new BlackBerry. I have so many people to thank for trying over the years and succeeding lately in showing me what the Internet is capable of doing. Matt Soko, @jenKmiller, @garyvee (dude, I used to sell to your dad when I worked for ABG, MANY years ago), BFacer, @drunkenkungfu, @vineyardgoddess, Patrick Llerena, Emre, Ilka, even the FeatherMaiden had something to do with it. Thank you. And now...., I'm online, Blogging, Tweeting and I'm 100% sure of good things to come. I WILL BE AT THE ORIOLES GAME TONIGHT. TWEET ME @winos_seattle. Let's have a beer and some Garlic Fries.


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