Sunday, June 21, 2015

WBLA Washington Brewers Fest - Redmond

Last week my wife told me she had made some plans for us over the weekend. I wasn't really sure what to think of, but all I wanted to do was take a Seattle trip since we hadn't been over for a bunch of weeks. I needed my civilization fix! Then she says, "Let's got to the Washington Brewers Fest at Marymoor!" I jumped at the thought, but I had never been and didn't really know what to expect. The only thoughts I had were from the past wine tastings that I've been able to go to. From Taste Washington, VinExpo, Washington DC Wine Tasting, Winebow Tastings in Times Square, etc...

This weekend we packed up the car with driving snacks, our geocaching bag (because that's what we do), the laptops and our bags. Off we went. Washington Brewers Fest here we come!

Nikki and I made out way from the parking log of  Marymoor to the entrance of the Brewers Fest. I was a bit taken-a-back by how well organized the entrance was. It was well marked off, colorful and inviting to it's future guests. From what I understood, they were expecting about 9,000 that day. Wow!!

Once we got in with our tasting glass and 10 tokens, Nikki and I made our way to the green tent first. We found several great beer including No-Li Brewhouse's Brass Monkey, Two Beers Brewing Trailhead, and Diamond Knot's Industrial IPA. What a great start! Our next stop was the orange tent where we found some easy drinking Hale's Cream Ale, Hilliard's Saison and the great Lazy Boy IPA. At the red tent we tried the Fremont Interurban and Summer Ale, Orlison had some awesome IPAs, Old Schoolhouse's RUUD and ESB were quite tasty too. Other memorable beers included Bale Breaker's Top Cutter, Schilling Cidery's Hard Cider, 6 Cider's Ginger Apple cider, Roslyn Brewing's lagers, Schooner EXACT, Scuttlebutt, Iron Horse's Irish Death, Silver City's ISL, but I do believe my favorite beer of the weekend was Pike Skagit Valley Alba. Stunning!!! They were all awesome!

This beer fest was by far one of the most memorable tastings I've ever experienced! We will go again. In fact we joined WBLA: Washington Beer Lovers Association, so we have to go again. I want that scarf!! Big thank you to @WashingtonBeer. Awesome event!!

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