Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wa Wine Report - Parallel Winos Live - June Virtual Tasting - 2008 Saviah Cellars The Jack

Washington Wine Report - June Virtual Tasting
A First for myself and most importantly a first MILESTONE for The Parallel Winos LIVE

Yesterday I learned of a virtual tasting being put on by Washington Wine Report covering the 2008 Saviah Cellars "The Jack". Problem was, I didn't know what a Virtual Tasting was. Bean Fairbanks of Washington Wine and Beer immediately filled me in and I called Sarah Ness, my co-host of the Parallel Winos and we put a plan into action. Let's drink the wine, pair it with a steak on the grill, a few stinky cheeses and join this virtual tasting and tweet our findings. Then something more interesting popped into my head. Considering we've got all these cameras available to us, why don't we just do a live broacast on And so we did.

I was running late after finding out how hard it was to find this wine. Eventually I found it at QFC on Capital Hill in Seattle. Booked it directly to Kirkland across the 520 floating bridge and just barely made it to Sarah Ness' house with about 3 minutes to set up. And that's how long it took me. 3 minutes. We're LIVE. Not easy trying to figure out how to get LIVE and knowing what the link was. But in the end it worked out just fine.

The wines were ok, I don't think I'd pick up another bottle for the 14.99 retail price that I paid. But at 12.99, I'd gladly succumb. I don't blame the wine on it's value as far as taste, feel, palate and nose. I blame the price-point. California over the past few years has been able to curb some pricing and cut some corners to make their wines more affordable in the market-place. Unfortunately Washington State has not and if they want to continue to put wines out into the markets including NYC, Philly, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC, etc., they NEED to drop some prices. They may find it even more difficult to sell wines with competing countries like France, Spain, Australia and Argentina, plus the state of California. So, my suggestion for Washington Wine Country: Lower your margins, Lower your Costs of Goods, Curb some corners, PLEASE....COMPETE WITH CALIFORNIA PRICING. It's all too important not too.

As far as the Parallel Winos are concerned. We had a blast. Sarah and I will continue to join Shawn Sullivan, Bean Fairbanks, Duane Pemberton and gang, every time they have a Virtual Tasting. We encourage and will encourage others to do so as well. What a great idea. What fun. So, catch us on, sign up, log on, view us at

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8:00pm Update! June Virtual Tasting - 2008 Saviah Cellars The Jack

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